Primary school

  • Our primary school is homologated and inspected  both by the british and the spanish/catalan education ministries. Children finishing shool at Saba Verda International School  will have both the british and the spanish/catalan qualifications to continue studying either here in Spain/Catalunya or in the United Kingdom.

  • Our day starts with our whole school assembly where we spend five minutes saying hello, sorting out practicalities, singing a song, or having short talks about events or planning.

  • After the meeting the first two lessoons (90 minutes) we teach the core subjects which are english, catalan and castillian and maths. In maths we work with an ingenious manipulative system called Numicon (you can read about Numicon on our methods page).

  • The main base of the content in the KS2 (age 8-11) language classes is based on our project presentations, improving reading and writing skills, reviewing books,  creative writing workshops and practising skills such as how to speak in front of an audience, how to search on the internet and how to make a good presentatiosn.

  • In the core subjects at KS1 (age 5-7) we focus on improving reading and writing skills in all three languages as well as doing mathematics with Numicon.

  • The latter part of the day is spent on the other parts of our cross curricular projects as well as the non related subjects, this can be model making, science, art, design or other practical tasks. In the latter part of the day we also teach music, sports, roboting and programming etc etc.

  • We communicate in english but we still repeat in catalan, and to improve english speaking skills all of our primary school pupils have extra english classes until we in the future will teach the main part of the curriculum in english without repeating in catalan.

  • Our schedule in primary school includes (apart from our core subjects): sports (3-4 lessons a week),  english, spanish and catalan history, geography and culture (2 lessons a week), music (2-3 lessons a week), drama (2 lessons a week), arts and crafts (2-3 lessons a week), computer programming and robotics courses, social and emotional learning (1 class a week plus punctual work in all other classes) as well as classes in practical democracy (1 lesson a week).

  • We teach our primary school pupils to become independent, we focus our classes on learning skills and method rather than memorising and we also teach practical work life skills such as group work, presentation, democracy as well as social behaviour and individual respect.

  • The school opens at 8.30am where  parents have the chance to drop off their children early. Classes run every day from 9-14 and we offer the possibility to stay at our after school service till 5pm. "


SABA VERDA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL  is a british international school in the village Vinallop just outside Tortosa.  The school teaches the English primary curriculum as well as catalan and castillian language, history, geograhy and culture.Our


We accept children from the age of tree. .

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Primary School

In the british school system the primary school students are from 5 to 11 years old, the two first years are called "reception".

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